We're looking for Top technical Talent in Silicon Valley CA, Irvine Ca, Austin TX, and BANGALORE India

Open positions in Irvine, CA

Currently our digital team is being constructed, we are looking for Digital/ASIC design engineers with the following experience

Front-end/RTL Design/Integration

  • ARM based architecture, AMBA AHB/AXI protocols and SoC integration
  • RTL design, synthesis and STA
  • Working closely with cross-functional teams including RF/AMS, Systems and SW teams
  • FPGA flow for verification/validation
  • Low power design using UPF

Digital Verification

  • System-Verilog/UVM based verification
  • Low power/UPF simulation
  • Verification IP integration in a UVM based environment
  • Chip level verification of ARM based SoC  
  • AXI/AHB protocols 
  • Verification planning and coverage analysis

Back-end/Physical Design

  • Floor-planning, CTS, P&R and Timing Closure tools/flow
  • Proficient in physical verification tools/flow
  • Strong timing and power analysis skills
  • Familiar with low-power design using UPF
  • Deep understanding of design rules, and ability to debug complex PD issues affecting design closure