Ensembleā„¢ Family


Fusion processors & microcontrollers for high-performance embedded processing


Single to quad-core processing, AI acceleration, high-speed connectivity, graphics, imaging, and much more

Ensemble Family devices are a scalable and compatible continuum of highly integrated embedded processors. Architected for power efficiency and long battery life, these devices deliver high computation and ML/AI capability, high-speed connectivity including Ethernet and SDIO, multi-layered security, computer vision, and rich graphical user interfaces.

Individual device selections in the family scale up starting from single-core MCUs, to dual-core MCUs, advancing to triple-core and quad-core fusion processors to match specific applications. Across all devices is a common fabric of features and technology making it easy to re-use software and hardware over varied projects.

Typical Applications

AI and ML Acceleration

Alif's scalable platform family is built on the latest generation embedded processing technology that scales from single ArmĀ®Ā CortexĀ®-M55 microcontrollersĀ (MCUs) to a new class of multi-core devices, fusion processors, that blend up to twoĀ Cortex-M55 MCU cores, up to twoĀ Cortex-A32 microprocessors (MPU) coresĀ capable of running high-level operating systems, and up to two ArmĀ Ethosā„¢-U55 microNPUsĀ for AI/ML acceleration.

Image Classification, for 1 inference, M-55 + U-55 is:

  • 800xĀ faster than previous gen Cortex-M
  • 78xĀ faster than M-55 alone (8 vs 624 msec)
  • 76xĀ less energy than M-55 alone (3 vs 228 mJ)

MobileNet V2 1.0 Model

Scalable Performance

Quad-Core Fusion Processor

Linux-capable dual application cores, and dual real-time cores with security, AI/ML, graphics, imaging, and more.


Applications Include: Building Automation, EV Recharging Station, Point-of-Sale Systems

Triple-Core Fusion Processor

Linux-capable single application core, and dual real-time cores with security, AI/ML, imaging, and more.


Applications Include: Robotics, Appliances, Graphical Control Panels

Dual-Core Microcontroller

Dual real-time cores with security, AI/ML, imaging and more.


Applications Include: Barcode Scanners, Failure Prediction, Portable Healthcare

Single-Core Microcontroller

Single real-time core with security, AI/ML, imaging, and more.


Applications Include: Lighting Control, Smart Homes, Industrial Sense/Control