Case Studies

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Advancing Spatial Computing, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality (SC/AR/VR) Experiences

Achieving truly immersive, affordable, and performant SC/AR/VR experiences poses some significant challenges to hardware engineering. This case study explores the evolution of SC/AR/VR systems, the rise of on-device processing for these applications, and the growing challenges facing the underlying hardware, including balancing the tradeoff between power efficiency, performance, size, and cost.

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Enhancing Driver Safety in Modern Vehicles with Ensemble Family MCUs

This case study explores the implementation of AI-enabled cameras and sensors in vehicles, focusing on Driver Monitoring Systems, Cabin Monitoring Systems, and Gesture Recognition and Life Presence Detection Systems.

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Enhancing Computer Vision Accuracy in Security Cameras with Ensemble Family MCUs

This case study delves into the evolution of security cameras, the rising demand for AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities in security systems, and highlights the need for enhanced computer vision accuracy. It also explores how the Ensemble Family of Microcontrollers (MCU) can be pivotal in achieving this enhancement while ensuring reliable, efficient security systems.

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Implementing Artificial Intelligence on Connected Health Devices  

With the rapid advancement in standards for health wearables and health assistive technology, it is necessary to rely on a microcontroller that can handle demanding AI/ML workloads while maintaining a tiny package size and low power consumption. Let’s examine two devices from Alif Semiconductor, the Ensemble E5 and Ensemble E3, and how they support the new standard in health technology.

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