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History & Mission

Alif Semiconductor was founded in 2019 with the vision to address the rapidly growing market need for broad, scalable, and connected AI-enabled embedded computing solutions that are genuinely power efficient. This need led to Alif Semiconductor’s creation of a new class of embedded controllers, or fusion processors, that enable seamless integration of technology for everyday life by unlocking innovative low-power techniques, unparalleled functional integration, accelerated AI and ML edge processing, high security, ubiquitous wireless connectivity, and operating system diversity. We appreciate your interest in our mission and look forward to providing a solution for you. To get started with Alif, please get in touch with us about ordering our Ensemble DevKits, available now. 







Syed co-founded Cavium Networks, where he served as President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. Syed’s timely vision and leadership in secure high-performance networking equipment enabled him to take Cavium public in 2007 (NASDAQ: CAVM), grow the company’s revenue to $1B+, and close an acquisition by Marvell Technology for $6B+.
Reza Kazerounian is an innovative leader who has been recognized for building and managing multibillion-dollar businesses in the Automotive and Industrial sectors, as well as IoT solutions. He is well known for his work in the areas of microcontrollers, embedded processing, and connectivity.

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