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How To Slash Power Consumption For AI Vision

How To Run Vision AI On Batteries With Alif MCUs

A Wirelessly Connected Endpoint-AI MCU

Alif Semiconductor at Embedded World 2024

The Future of Intelligent Secure Microcontrollers

New Product Alert: Alif Semiconductor’s Ensemble Family

Alif Semiconductor Creates SoC Solutions for ML at the Edge with Cadence Digital Full Flow and Arm

High Performance AI Object Detection on MCU with Edge Impulse and Alif

Embedded Vision Summit, conference review – Innovation Coffee

Alif Semiconductor Demo of Battery-powered Embedded Vision with the Ethos-U55 and Arm’s Cortex-M55

Edge Impulse & Alif Semiconductor: Pioneering Machine Learning on the Edge | Hardware Pioneers 2023

Fusion of MCUs and MPUs enables visually intensive AI/ML workloads in battery-operated IoT

Alif Semiconductor’s AI-enabled Solution Is 40X Faster for Complex Motion Classification

Classifying Complex Motions with Alif Semiconductor, Bosch Sensortec, and Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse Partners at Electronica 2022: Alif Semiconductor

Can ML be fast and low power? Yes!

Alif Semiconductor Demonstration of Practical Accelerated AI on Ensemble Microcontrollers

Edge Impulse Partners at Imagine 2022: Alif Semiconductor

Edge Impulse Imagine 2022: Alif Semiconductor Ensemble Devices Demo

Alif Semiconductor at Embedded World 2022


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