The future of Bluetooth Low Energy microcontrollers

The Alif Balletto family of Bluetooth Low Energy 32-bit microcontrollers provides up to:

4 MB

Of Integrated Memory at a 1:1 NVM/RAM Ratio

46 GigaOPS

Of Pure Edge ML Acceleration

22 X

Audiomark/MHz Compared to Cortex-M4

Sub 16 mm²

Ultra-Small Package Size

The Balletto family is a complete AI/ML microcontroller solution for connected IoT platforms with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 and 802.15.4 wireless subsystem and a dedicated network co-processor, enabling connectivity without the need for a separate chip. Employing the same architecture as the Ensemble family, Balletto utilizes the Cortex-M55 CPU plus the Ethos-U55 neural processor for amazingly efficient Edge ML processing.

Multi-Protocol Wireless Connectivity for On-Device AI/ML Applications

Bluetooth Low Energy

The Balletto family of wireless AI/ML MCUs supports the latest Bluetooth Low Energy standards for ultra-low power battery-operated applications requiring excellent RF performance.


Balletto MCUs have the capability to enable Matter-certified products that are interoperable and easily plug into other Matter-certified devices, supporting the latest demands of the rapidly growing Smart Home ecosystem.


Full support of both Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast broadcast audio with Balletto MCUs is enhanced by the on-chip AI/ML and DSP functions that enable developers to expand their own innovation in highly differentiated audio products.

The World’s Most Power-Efficient and Advanced BLE Microcontroller

The category-defining Alif Balletto family brings together advanced local neural and vector processing with an exceptionally low-power BLE wireless subsystem, plus extensive on-die memory density. Combined, these processors deliver a record-setting 50x boost in machine learning performance and inference efficiency versus MCUs with no neural processors. This opens a new frontier for battery-powered EdgeML applications. Balletto also provides iron-clad security, multiprotocol connectivity, an extreme level of hardware integration in a minimal footprint, and amazing flexibility for application software.

Purpose Built Multi-Core Architecture

  • Cortex-M55 160MHz application CPU with Helium Vector Extension accelerating DSP
  • Arm Ethos-U55 NPU with 128 MACs per clock
  • Dedicated RISC-V Network CPU
  • Dedicated Cortex-M0+ security CPU

Power Consumption

  • aiPM™ technology intelligently controls eight power domains
  • 1.5mA RF Rx Current (1Mbps BLE)
  • 2.0mA RF Tx Current (0dBm Tx Pout)
  • 700nA Stop Mode
  • 22uA/MHz Run Current
  • 22nm FD-SOI Lowest Leakage Transistors

Minimized Footprint

  • Sub 16 mm² package
  • Few external components
  • Low rBOM & large on-die memory

Efficient Multi-Protocol Radio

  • High BLE link budget​
  • Widest BLE Tx power output range
  • Simultaneous BLE & Matter operation

Audio Signal Processing

  • Lowest latency and highest efficiency
  • LC3 Decode/Encode with Vector Processor​
  • 2534 Audiomark Score –  providing the best acceleration for key audio benchmarks

Hardware Accelerated Sensor Fusion

  • Helium Vector Processing & Ethos-U55 NPU rapidly resolve complex ​sensor fusion workloads​
  • High precision analog inputs and outputs
  • Several microphone and sensor inputs, plus a camera interface

Ultra-Low Power Wireless with On-device AI/ML Processing

Balletto builds upon Alif Ensemble capabilities with the addition of BLE 5.3 and IEEE 802.15.4 wireless connectivity.

Solutions with Alif Balletto Microcontrollers

B1 Series

A battery-friendly real-time application processor with audio DSP capability and a dedicated AI/ML co-processor, Bluetooth LE Audio, digital and analog audio inputs and outputs, large memory, and small packaging.

The Balletto BLE wireless MCU marks a pivotal advancement in audio technology for TWS audio headsets and hearing aids. Its unique integration of a DSP and a NPU supporting the BLE Audio framework not only paves the way for superior audio fidelity through the LC3 codec but also revolutionizes the power efficiency and processing capabilities required for high-end audio devices. As TWS earbuds and audio wearables move towards incorporating complex features like noise cancellation and voice assistance, the Balletto MCU stands out with its on-chip AI that reduces the need for additional components, thereby shrinking the form factor and minimizing power draw.

Balletto is the heart of future audio wearables and speakers, ensuring an unparalleled audio experience in the most power and cost-efficient package to date.

B1 Series

TWS LE Audio Earbuds Example

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B1 Series

A powerful real-time application processor with extensive DSP and a dedicated AI/ML co-processor, BLE 5.3 wireless, built-in secure enclave, precision analog, sensor inputs, a 2D GPU and MIPI-DSI display interface.

For the next wave of smart fitness trackers, Balletto’s integrated BLE 5.3 connectivity enables seamless synchronization with mobile devices, ensuring real-time tracking and data analysis. The SoC’s high performance on-chip DSP and NPU are pivotal for sensor fusion, intelligently combining data from multiple sensors for position and acceleration, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and temperature to deliver calculated and personally predictive activity insights and health metrics. Balletto’s on-die memory provides ample storage for application code, ML models, health datasets, and color display images for manipulation by the 2D GPU and displayed through MIPI-DSI. Its broad set of analog and digital interfaces adapt to many types of low power sensors.

Balletto’s compact device package combined with energy-efficiency through Alif’s aiPM technology translates to slimmer fitness trackers with extended battery life. By embodying sensor fusion on such an efficient platform, Balletto enables fitness trackers to offer ultra-low latency, precision health monitoring, personalized fitness coaching, and an enhanced user experience for the next generation of fitness enthusiasts.

B1 Series

BLE Enabled Fitness Tracker Example

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B1 Series

A powerful real-time application processor with DSP capability and a dedicated AI/ML co-processor, built-in secure enclave, 2D graphics, MIPI-DSI display interface, and multi-protocol wireless radio.

The Balletto BLE MCU is revolutionizing mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems with its cutting-edge capabilities. At the core of Balletto’s innovation is its powerful Cortex-M55 processor running at 160 MHz with integrated DSP and an AI/ML co-processor to streamline complex transaction processing and enhance user interaction through voice commands and audio feedback—features critical for a modern POS system. This is complemented by its BLE 5.3 support, ensuring secure, fast, and efficient wireless transactions.

Large on-die memory handles extensive applications and transaction data, while the large number of GPIOs supports multiple peripherals, such as barcode scanners and receipt printers. Balletto’s small form factor and low power consumption, optimized by aiPM technology, allow for compact and enduring mobile POS devices, essential for businesses that require mobility and long operational hours. With Balletto at its heart, a mobile POS system not only delivers exceptional performance but also offers a platform for ML-powered features like fraud detection, plus face, voice, and motion identification making transactions not just seamless but also more secure.

B1 Series

POS Application Example

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