The new generation of 32-bit microcontrollers and fusion processors

The Alif Ensemble family of Arm-based 32-bit microcontrollers scales up to:

19 MB +

MB Integrated Memory

3670 DMIPS +

DMIPS Combined Compute Performance

250 GigaOPS +

GigaOPS AI Performance

Alif Semiconductor is the industry-leading supplier of the next-generation Ensemble family of 32-bit AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) Arm-based microcontrollers and fusion processors. Alif Ensemble is the only choice for power efficient microcontrollers that can handle heavy AI and ML workloads for battery-operated IoT devices.

Groundbreaking Functional Integration

No matter the application, from low-end to high-end, write software once and reuse it across all your designs, without the need for external components.

Application Processing (Linux, HLOS, RTOS)

Up to two Arm Cortex-A32 CPUs to 800MHz with NEON SIMD extensions

Realtime Processing (RTOS, Bare Metal)

Up to two Cortex-M55 CPUs to 400MHz with Helium SIMD vector extensions

AI/ML Acceleration

Up to two Ethos-U55 microNPUs to 400MHz provides 250+ GOPS

Power Management

aiPM™ technology powers on only what’s needed, when needed


Comprehensive device security built in, including secure boot and lifecycle management


128KB to 13.5MB SRAM on-die with retention options eliminates the need for external memories

Non-Volatile Memory

256KB to 5.5MB MRAM on-die for your application plus all its assets

Memory Expansion

Up to two OctalSPI interfaces for RAM or NVM expansion with on-the-fly decryption and a SD/eMMC interface for additional storage

Digital Interface

Rich set of interfaces including 10/100 Ethernet, High-Speed USB, SDIO, I3C, CAN-FD, UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, QEC, and High-Speed programable timers

Analog Interfaces

High-Precision analog interfaces including 24-bit sigma-delta ADC, fast 12-bit SAR ADCs, 12-bit DAC, PGAs, and comparators

Graphics & Imaging

Flexible choice of display and camera interfaces including MIPI-DSI, 24-bit RGB display, MIPI-CSI2, 8 to 16-bit parallel camera, and optional 2DGPU


Support for multiple types of audio sources including I2S, PWM, and ADC

Never Before Seen Scalability

The Ensemble family is an Arm-based microcontroller that scales from single core to a new class of multi-core devices, that combine up to two Cortex-M55 MCU cores, up to two Cortex-A32 microprocessor cores capable of running high-level operating systems, and up to two Ethos-U55 microNPUs for artificial intelligence & machine learning acceleration.

Solutions with Alif Ensemble Microcontrollers

E1 Series

Single real-time core with security, AI/ML, imaging, and more

The E1 series measure only a few millimeters on each side, but do not let its diminutive size fool you. Inside you will find the latest integrated functions like dual-lane MIPI display interface, multiple microphone and audio inputs, fast SAR & 24-bit ΔΣ ADCs and the latest sensor interfaces combined with a powerful  MCU core, an optional dedicated microNPU for accelerating ML workloads, and the lowest power consumption of any comparable microcontroller in the market.

E1 has amazing performance in a tiny package and offers extended battery life, class leading security to protect sensitive personal data, integrated graphics for rich user interfaces, making it the perfect choice for your next wearable design.

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E1 Series

Wearable Application Example

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E3 Series

Dual real-time cores adds performance when needed

Building on the High-Efficiency foundation of the E1 series, the E3 series adds a second High-Performance MCU core running at up to 400MHz, and an optional second microNPU to maximize real-time processing capability. The High-Efficiency core handles always-on operations with minimum power consumption. When performance is needed, the High-Performance core wakes up fast, finishes quickly and goes back to sleep to keep you running for years between battery replacements.

A security camera designed with an Ensemble E3 reduces activations due to false positives significantly, saving power, system cost, and battery size. E3 takes security cameras to the next-level, with advanced object & event classification, person detection, gesture detection, OCR and more.

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E3 Series

Security System Application Example

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E5 Series

Linux-capable application core with dual real-time cores

The E5 series of fusion processors combines a Cortex-A32 application core, running up to 800MHz, with the High-Efficiency and High-Performance Cortex-M55 cores, enabling you to combine real-time performance with high-level operating systems like Linux in the same package, using shared peripherals and memories between both domains.

The E5 series is an ideal choice for medical devices, as it provides the performance needed to drive networking and high-end graphics on mission-critical health equipment. The flexible configuration matrix feature in the security subsystem gives you the ability to configure exactly which part of your application can access sensitive data, such as patient information.

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E5 Series

Health & Medical Application Example

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E7 Series

Maximum performance – dual application cores and dual real-time cores

The E7 family of fusion processors is a true performance powerhouse. It extends the application processing capabilities over the previous series by including two Cortex-A32 cores configured for symmetric operation at 800MHz, as well as including the High-Efficiency and High-Performance Cortex-M55 cores. This series has enough compute performance to handle the most demanding control use-cases on the edge.

In intricate designs such as vending machines, combining high-level operating systems, such as Linux for user interfaces, in parallel with the real-time cores for control tasks, will significantly shorten your design cycle.

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E7 Series

Smart Retail Application Example

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