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Wildlife AI Camera from Grovety Uses Alif Semiconductor Ensemble MCU to Reduce False Positives and Extend Battery Life

This webinar was broadcast on January 11, 2024

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Improve accuracy and expand battery life for AI powered cameras

Grovety is an embedded AI applications company offering support in firmware, toolchains, and applications. Antony Vasilev, CO-CEO at Grovety, set out on a mission to help the Persian leopards of Romania. After visiting a local national park, Antony discovered that park rangers were struggling to track and protect the endangered Persian leopard population. The park’s wildlife cameras were capturing poor footage and had low accuracy.

False positives are not only frustrating, but also drain battery life as the camera is constantly waking up unecessaarily. In this webinar, you will learn how Grovety created and deployed an AI module on Alif Ensemble that improves accuracy, reduces false positives, and expands battery life for wildlife AI cameras.

Grovety selected Alif Ensemble due to the multi-core architecture with Ethos-U55 and Alif’s aiPM technologyâ„¢, which allows finite control over power domains.

Meet Your Experts

Antony Vasilev

CO-CEO, Grovety

Henrik Flodell

Senior Marketing Director, Alif Semiconductor