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Ensemble AI/ML AppKit

Gen 1

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Get started with the AI/ML AppKit

The AI/ML AppKit comes pre-configured with everything you need to collect Vibration, Voice and Vision data to feed your machine learning models, as well as a rich collection of demos of various AI use-cases. It features a 4” color LCD, an integrated camera module that can be configured for “selfie” as well as viewfinder orientation, PDM as well as I2S microphones, inertial sensors and more.

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Beta AppKit Quick Start Guide (Gen 1)

This Quick Start Guide will get you up and running with your AI/ML AppKit which, with its integrated camera, display, and microphones, is ideal for developing applications using audio, video, or graphics libraries.

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Beta AI/ML AppKit Pre-Built Demos (Gen 1)

This archive contains pre-built binary files for different AI/ML or graphics demos along with instructions on how to program them into your Beta AI/ML AppKit.

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ML Evaluation Kit GitHub Repo (Gen 1)

This user guide describes the contents of the ML Evaluation Kit Repo which contains source files to build the AI/ML demos in the pre-built demo archive plus additional applications.

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AI/ML Design Flows (Gen 1)

This white paper describes the steps of how a machine learning model that was trained and converted to a TFLite (quantized) format, needs to be further processed so it can take advantage of the Ethos U55 NPU accelerators in Alif Ensemble devices.

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Beta AppKit Schematics (Gen 1)

These are the schematics for the Beta AI/ML AppKit.

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AI/ML AppKit
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