The new generation of 32-bit microcontrollers and fusion processors

Alif is way out in front of the market with the Arm Cortex-M55 based Ensemble family of MCUs. Working closely with their team of expert engineers, we were able to integrate Audio Weaver on the M55. The U55 coprocessor delivers a big performance boost for the Audio Weaver ML Module Pack. This really opens up the possibility for new innovative applications using ML based audio processing.

  • Josh Morris, Senior Manager Machine Learning
  • DSP Concepts

  • With their scalable SoC compute architecture and integrated AI acceleration, Alif Semiconductor is a game-changer in the semiconductor world. Their solutions are capable of transforming the way businesses operate, and their continued innovation is inspiring. We’re thrilled to have them as a hardware partner.

  • Zach Shelby, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Edge Impulse

  • Plumerai’s AI software solutions for Smart Home Cameras and IOT devices are readily available for Alif’s MCU family, fully optimized for the Arm Cortex-M55 and Ethos-U55. Alif’s MCUs enable us to deploy our highly-accurate computer vision AI on battery-operated devices, opening new markets and elevating user experiences.

  • Roeland Nusselder, CEO
  • Plumerai

  • The integrated AI acceleration in Alif’s Ensemble platform enables Sensory’s truly natural engine to run both faster, and with a smaller memory footprint.

  • Jeff Rogers, Vice President of Sales
  • Sensory, Inc.

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